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  • Story: “Self-driving Cars Present a Great Opportunity”

    “Self-driving Cars Present a Great Opportunity”

    Alexander Hitzinger, Board of Management member for Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, is responsible for developing autonomous driving at the Volkswagen Group. In an interview, he talks about the cooperation with Ford, technological challenges and future business models.
  • 07/12/19

    Together with Ford to the future

    Volkswagen and Ford are intensifying their cooperation in the strategic fields of e-mobility and autonomous driving. Volkswagen has already made some achievements in both areas. An overview:
  • 07/10/19

    From springs and dampers to rotors and stators

    In the coming days, the production of essential components for the new ID.3 will commence at four Volkswagen factories. We explain which parts Volkswagen Group Components builds and where they are produced.
  • 07/05/19

    For the mobility of the future

    Volkswagen is opening the "We"-Campus in Berlin with 900 jobs. Six employees talk about their work for the digital ecosystem Volkswagen We, the traffic in Berlin and their personal motivation.
  • 07/04/19

    “We have to stay on the ball permanently”

    When it comes to cultural change, Volkswagen Group also focuses on diversity – and starts with managers. A special program within the Volkswagen Group is designed to sensitize employees to the topic and ensure that they live diversity within the company. Elke Heitmüller, Head of Diversity Management at the Volkswagen Group, explains what is important here.
  • 06/25/19

    24 hours in the Green Hell

    The Volkswagen ID.R captivates 230,000 spectators at the endurance classic. Popular Girls Only racing team dogged by bad luck at the 24-hour race in their Golf GTI. GTI TCR wins two races in the Touring Car World Cup.
  • 06/24/19

    Freedom Festival: Bullis on Fehmarn

    Sun, adventure and a Bulli lifestyle: The Midsummer Bulli Festival attracts thousands of fans to the Isle of Fehmarn. Together they celebrated the summer solstice, their buses and stories.
  • 06/19/19

    Join in and help out

    At the 2019 IdeenExpo in Hanover, trainees from Volkswagen show how exciting their vocational training really is.
  • 06/18/19

    “Define own software standards”

    Volkswagen Group is increasing its capabilities in the digitization of its vehicles: the share of the software developed for cars is to rise to at least 60 percent by 2025, from ten percent today. The new “Car.Software” unit will be responsible for essential parts of software development for vehicles and cloud platforms in all brands and regions. Christian Senger, member of the board of management of Volkswagen and responsible for Digital Car & Services, explains the new software strategy.
  • 06/17/19

    New York says: "bye bye!"

    In 2019, the Beetle celebrates its farewell with a final edition. On the occasion, Volkswagen invited guests to a farewell event in New York and explained how the car turned design icon.
  • 06/14/19

    "Girls only" are getting ready

    The “Girls Only” team and their Golf GTI TCR take part in the Nürburgring 24-hour race. How does the crew prepare for the mammoth task?
  • 06/12/19

    WLTP gets stricter

    The process will be modified again in September. We have answers on the five most important questions plus a video.
  • 06/07/19

    Attack with a ponytail

    As the World Cup in France kicks-off, women's football is now more prominent than ever. Top players like Alexandra Popp confidently demand the recognition they deserve for their sport.
  • 06/05/19

    Four billion euro for digitalization

    Volkswagen presents the “digital transformation roadmap”: 2,000 digital jobs are to be created, agile working methods improved, and IT processes should relieve employees even more in the future.
  • 06/04/19

    An emission-free record

    The Volkswagen ID.R is the fastest electric vehicle ever to complete a lap of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. We have first impressions of the record run, plus two new videos: the complete run from cockpit- and helicopter perspective, amongst others.
  • 05/27/19

    Joachim Löw, Herbert Diess, and the ID.3

    The Volkswagen CEO and the German national soccer coach drive together through Berlin in the all new ID.3
  • 05/24/19

    A lifelong passion

    There are certain people, who breathe life into vehicles. And there are fans, who keep them alive, maintain the values of the brand, and tell their stories. Their passion is often both inspirational and record-breaking. Take the Grundmanns, for example, and their singular collection: So many oldest and original Volkswagen in one place – that is unique in the world.
  • 05/23/19

    Goosebumps guaranteed!

    Romain Dumas chases the lap record for electric vehicles on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife with the ID.R. During the trackwalk, the Frenchman explains a few key points of probably the most challenging race track in the world. In addition, check out our three videos, cruising the Nordschleife with Romain Dumas, amongst others.
  • 05/17/19

    Avanti, Beetle!

    Old cars in the streets and Italians in front of their houses? The Mille Miglia is coming!--We are reporting directly from the road:
  • 05/17/19

    “We must join forces for e-mobility, now!”

    The transition to e-mobility is in full swing, and Volkswagen is one of its pioneers. In an interview, Professor Friedrich Prinz from Stanford University explains what remains to be done.
  • 05/15/19

    Showing real strength

    A beacon project at Volkswagen Group is focusing on people with physical limitations who work in production. Read all about the STARK demographics project at the Wolfsburg plant.
  • 05/14/19

    E-mobility as key-element

    With billions already invested, the MEB platform and ID. family are now pushing Volkswagen’s electric offensive forward. We explain the reasons for this straight path.
  • 05/08/19

    "E-mobility for all"

    With its new electric models, Volkswagen is taking a new path in sales as well: customers can now pre-book the special edition of the ID.3* – a full year before its market launch. In our interview, Board Member for Sales Jürgen Stackmann talks about e-mobility that is suitable for daily use, sales targets and the start of a new era.
  • 05/07/19

    "E-mobility needs priority!"

    In a joint interview, one of the leaders of Germany’s Green Party, Robert Habeck and Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess argue for a consistent collaborative approach to help electric vehicles achieve their breakthrough.
  • 05/06/19

    This is electric!

    The plant in Zwickau is preparing for e-mobility. The training program for its 3,000 production workers starts with a challenging act of liberation.
  • 05/03/19

    For a country full of ideas

    Thrilling: The IdeenExpo – Europe’s largest natural science and technology event for young people – attracts more than 300,000 visitors every two years. Volkswagen will showcase some unbelievable exhibits that will entice people to climb in and take part.
  • 05/02/19

    First of May with birthday celebrations

    It is probably the biggest event of its kind in the world. For European vin-tage car fans, it has been top of the list for first of May for over three dec-ades: the May Bug Meet in Hannover. Volkswagen Classic and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer attended the 36th staging.
  • 04/30/19

    Sponsoring is Always a Marathon – Never a Sprint

    Volkswagen is now sponsoring the German national soccer teams. We spoke about sponsoring with Dr. Stefan Walzel, an expert in the field.
  • 04/25/19

    The Vehicle will become our living space

    The car of the future will become our intelligent assistant: it will prepare the journey for us, support us and understand what we want. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a reality. Part 4 of our series on user experience trends.
  • 04/24/19

    From the well to the wheel

    A holistic approach from start to finish: A vehicle’s environmental footprint reveals the sources of environmental pollution. Therefore, the analysis helps on the path to quickly achieving CO2-neutral mobility.
  • 04/23/19

    Charged Up

    Volkswagen is restructuring its Zwickau plant to produce electric cars, and investing 1.2 billion euros into this highly modern site in Saxony. The project is taking three years and is rather complex – because production keeps on going.
  • 04/18/19

    "Department 73" has started

    More than 1,500 candidates had applied. On April 1, 2019, the first 100 participants officially started the innovative program “Faculty 73.” In two years’ time, they will start as software developers for the automotive industry.
  • 04/15/19

    Frugal, strong, and rare

    Once a year, Essen transforms into the centre of the classic car scene, when the Techno Classica unites around 180,000 international visitors, thousands of cars and 1,250 exhibitors. Volkswagen was part of the action once again when the biggest vintage car fair in the world was held for the 31st time.
  • 04/09/19

    Will 20 girls rock the ring?

    A racing team comprised entirely of women? Even in 2019, it’s still a noteworthy sight. Volkswagen supports the “Girls Only” team – we visited them in the pit at the Nürburgring.
  • 04/08/19

    The two and the type three

    Two apprentices from Volkswagen Osnabrück are restoring a historique automobile, from 1968 for the classic car trade fair Techno-Classica 2019. They are learning the basics of car construction in the process – before they start building the electric cars of the future.
  • 04/05/19

    Is lithium replaceable?

    Why is lithium so important for the production of electric car batteries? How will Volkswagen secure a sustainable supply chain? We provide the answers and explain with five graphics the importance of this well-sought after alkali metal.
  • 04/04/19

    The German in the world cup

    Benjamin Leuchter is a racer, through and through. This year, the man from Duisburg, about 70 kilometers north of Cologne, will compete with a Golf GTI TCR in the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup, the pinnacle of touring car racing. His close connection to Volkswagen has grown over the years. A portrait of a man who is living his childhood dream.
  • 03/28/19

    Just do it!

    Jane Rusch and Pia Rzepka are both 19 years old and in their third year of training to become mechatronics engineers at Volkswagen. They are organizing the Girls’Day for their department and explain to us why this day is so important.
  • 03/27/19

    "Industry 4.0: We make it happen!"

    Together with Amazon Web Services, Volkswagen is developing the Volkswagen industrial cloud – thus launching a new era for digitally networked production worldwide. IT manager Martin Hofmann and Gerd Walker, head of production of Volkswagen Group, answer eleven key questions.
  • 03/22/19

    Cruising USA with "the thing"

    If you want to get to know the USA, take a road trip. And if you want your vehicle to stand out, you’ll choose a car that could hardly be more purist – a Volkswagen 181. It even happens to turn 50 this year!
  • 03/20/19

    Soccer for everybody

    As of this year, Volkswagen is the partner of the DFB and the German national soccer team. We explain why the people’s sport and Volkswagen are an ideal match – and how soccer will help to promote broad acceptance of e-mobility.
  • 03/14/19

    The brain of the factory

    Car production is a complex affair. Thousands of influencing variables need to be harmonized. The production, information and control system known as "FIS" (explanation follows further down) helps. We look behind the scenes of the FIS in Wolfsburg, where each second counts for the 3,500 cars made every day.
  • 03/12/19

    "Decarbonization" - WHAT?

    Decarbonization is important to halt climate change. But what exactly is behind it? And what is Volkswagen doing about it?
  • 02/28/19

    Cool cult coupe

    It was billed as the first “fun car” from Volkswagen for the younger generation: The Scirocco desert wind conquered the hearts of fans in the early 1970s with a combination of Italian design and a completely novel technical concept. Amongst its fans was German rock star Udo Lindenberg.
  • 02/27/19

    When the Touareg tows a house

    Living on nine square meters. Italian architect Leonardo Di Chiara tours Europe in his “aVOID” tiny house with a Touareg as his traveling companion.
  • 02/26/19

    New brand for China: JETTA

    Jürgen Stackmann, member of the Board of Management with responsibility for “Sales, Marketing and After Sales”, smiles. “I think it is really exciting to help bring a new brand into the world. This is definitely a very special day,” he tells a group of international business journalists making a media visit in Wolfsburg. The visit is organized to discuss the creation of the new JETTA brand: Volkswagen plans to introduce it in China to attrac the growing target group of young, middle-class customers and of better tapping its market potential.
  • 02/21/19

    The magic of the mix

    Volkswagen is banking on electric cars to achieve overall carbon-neutral mobility. We explain why the energy mix is so important. And how the company is already using and offering sustainable electricity.
  • 02/20/19

    Learning from nurse and surgeon

    Volkswagen is putting sweeping measures into place as it pursues greater productivity and efficiency in production. The goal: 30 percent higher productivity worldwide by 2025. The main plant in Wolfsburg and heart of the brand is to set a new benchmark.
  • 02/15/19

    The mega potential of the supply chain

    Volkswagen is doing everything in its power to make its contribution to achieving the Paris climate targets. CO2-neutral components and raw materials play an important role. Check this overview and three info graphics.
  • 02/14/19

    Clean mobility: It's possible!

    Volkswagen wants to do its part for climate protection. The road to getting there leads through a holistic e-mobility concept. Read all about the most important facts, together with two videos and five info graphics.
  • 02/11/19

    India - from moped to car nation?

    India’s roads, where wild roaming cows are common road hazards, continue to be dominated by mopeds, rather than four-wheeled vehicles, but times they may be changin’
  • 02/07/19

    Best Man at his e-Golf’s wedding

    It is environmentally friendly and economical, the e-Golf*. The Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden is now offering customers a special look behind the scenes.
  • 02/04/19

    China: Four trends

    Growth and change: The Chinese car market remains the most important in the world, and China is also assuming a leading role in e-mobility and digitalization – with the Volkswagen Group as a strong partner. Read all about the four major trends.
  • 01/31/19

    "We are open to e-collaboration"

    Volkswagen is ready to open its new MEB electric platform to other manufacturers, thus reducing the costs of electric cars. Michael Jost, Head of Strategy for Volkswagen, highlighted this approach.
  • 01/29/19

    Let's go!

    A visit of DFB top managers at the Wolfsburg factory marked the beginning of the new partnership between Volkswagen and the German Football Association. In March, the cooperation will take full effect ...
  • 01/28/19

    Great comeback in Brazil

    With investments in excess of two billion euros by 2020, Volkswagen do Brasil starts to recover market share.
  • 01/28/19

    Ms. Puhle’s feel for cars

    More than 1,400 engineers and IT experts work in electronics development at Volkswagen to develop the next generation of vehicles. Marie Puhle teams up with her colleagues to ensure that our cars will be a breeze to operate.
  • 01/28/19

    Yesterday an engine plant – today an e-pioneer

    The Salzgitter plant is getting ready for electric drives. While one of the 86 production lines is still used for building heavy six-cylinder engines, among other things, the workers next door are making a fist-sized electric pump.
  • 01/25/19

    Political visit at the e-car plant

    SPD chairwoman Andrea Nahles and Federal Labour Minister Hubertus Heil informed themselves in Zwickau about the progress and challenges of the transformation into Europes largest electric car plant.
  • 01/24/19

    CO2: The top facts

    The debate about how to effectively reduce CO2 emissions is ongoing. What exactly is carbon dioxide? Who is responsible for emitting the most emissions? What is the Volkswagen Group doing in order to protect the environment? And what about the current suggestions regarding speed limits or higher fuel prices? We clarify.
  • 01/23/19

    Exchange incentive: Now nationwide

    Volkswagen is expanding its exchange incentive to replace older diesel vehicles allover Germany.
  • 01/22/19

    PS fireworks, ice cold

    The relaunch of the iconic ice race at Zell am See, Austria thrilled participants and spectators alike.
  • 01/21/19

    The myth of the Neckartor

    The diesel discussion is becoming more objective, the sustainability of diesel technology is increasingly being discussed in a less prejudicial manner among experts, in the media and social networks. Here, we explain the key facts and most dubious details about NOx and particular matter.
  • 01/17/19

    Hola!, T-Cross!

    The T-Cross comes off the line in Pamplona, Spain, next to the Polo. Production started in December 2018. The employees are enthusiastic about the brand's smallest SUV.
  • 01/16/19

    "A further phase of uncertainty"

    The negotiations on Brexit in the UK also have an impact on other European countries and industry. Volkswagen comments on current developments.
  • 01/15/19

    Volkswagen and Ford launch alliance

    Volkswagen AG and Ford Motor Company today announced the first agreements in a broad alliance that positions the companies to boost competitiveness and better serve customers in an era of rapid change in the industry.
  • 01/14/19

    When Zell freezes over

    Car races on frozen tracks pulled huge crowds in the middle of the 20th century. The Ice Race in Zell am See on the upcoming weekend is reviving this tradition.
  • 01/11/19

    The Snow Kings

    The Planai Classic in Austria is for dyed-in-the-wool classic car fans only. We went along – sitting in the passenger seat alongside motorsport legend Hans-Joachim “Strietzel” Stuck.
  • 01/10/19

    What's ahead in 2019?

  • 01/08/19

    This is where your Volkswagen is build!

    Volkswagen provides a glimpse behind the scenes at many sites – ranging from Pune, India, to Shanghai, China. While participating in factory tours, visitors have the opportunity to find out what production processes make our cars so safe and how electric drives are changing the vehicles of the future.
  • 01/07/19

    How to juggle family and work?

    Assuming responsibility for a job and a family – it’s nothing short of a Herculean task. As a family friendly employer, Volkswagen helps its employees pull it off.
  • 01/02/19

    In the town of emperors and artists

    With its support for culture, Volkswagen helps to give millions of people access to art and culture. In the town of Goslar, on the northern end of the Harz mountains, the company backs an unusual project.
  • 12/19/18

    In the footsteps of a visionary

    In the 1980s, as CEO of Volkswagen, Carl Hahn paved the way for the Group’s success in China. His successors have continued his legacy and today Volkswagen is the market leader in the Middle Kingdom.
  • 12/18/18

    Board member for a week

    What does a board member do? What does his week look like? Thanks to the Volkswagen Role Model Program, a young administrator looked over the shoulder of Thomas Ulbrich.
  • 12/14/18

    The visionary in China

    Carl H. Hahn, former CEO of Volkswagen Group, in the 1980s brought the company to China. By creating an automotive industry, he worked with Volkswagen to fuel the country’s economic and social development. For his dedication to the country, China Newsweek has named Carl Hahn “Person of the Year.”
  • 12/14/18

    Looking back at 2018

    Referring to the Volkswagen brand, chief Herbert Diess likened the year 2018 to the first five kilometers of a marathon. The electric and SUV offensive and the transition from a pure carmaker to a mobility provider - those are big tasks. But even during these initial few kilometers, Volkswagen already took some big steps. Here are the ten most important successes of 2018.
  • 12/11/18

    With high-tech as a standard

    Back in the days, it even left some of the classier sports cars in its wake: the Corrado. Engine power, road-holding ability and design elements formed an extraordinarily dynamic package. This year, the rapid 2+2-seater from Osnabrück celebrates its 30th birthday. We show what technical refinements and visual aspects still live on in today’s Volkswagen models.
  • 12/10/18

    Learning from the best

    For the Best Apprentice Award ceremony, 46 of the best apprentices in the Volkswagen Group were guests in Wolfsburg for four days.
  • 12/06/18

    Operating return is to rise quicker

    Volkswagen will further accelerate the pace of its transformation, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ralf Brandstätter announces. The operating return on sales should reach at least 6 percent by 2022.
  • 12/04/18

    German energy mix slows down e-mobility

    To coincide with the Auto Summit in Wolfsburg, Herbert Diess published an article in the German daily paper "Handelsblatt" which he discussed the contribution of the automotive industry to environmental and climate protection.
  • 11/26/18

    Grand finale - Johan showing off

    The last race of a motorsport season is always something very special. Even more when it´s time for the final of one of the most spectacular racing series in the world: the World Rallycross Championship, the WRX.
  • 11/21/18

    Economy Formula E

    Pole position for savers: Already in the 1980s, an innovative set of fuel saving options was available for Polo, Golf, and Co.
  • 11/19/18

    The race toward autonomous driving

    Volkswagen Group is investing around EUR 44 billion by 2023 in key technologies to shape mobility in the future. In an interview with the German sunday paper “Welt am Sonntag” (18th of November 2018), CEO Herbert Diess describes the steps to making driverless cars a reality.
  • 11/15/18

    All about Europe’s most efficient e-car factory

    Volkswagen is actively promoting its electric offensive, thus creating global production capacities for one million electric cars. The center of the transformation is Zwickau in Saxony
  • 11/14/18

    E-mobility – Made in Germany

    If the Supervisory Board approves the plans this Friday, Emden and Hanover will be transformed into production sites for electric vehicles. In doing so, Volkswagen implements its electric strategy consistently.
  • 11/13/18

    Car city Zwickau: From Horch to e-mobility

    Zwickau has been considered the cradle of the Saxon automotive industry for 114 years. By 2020, the Volkswagen Group will develop the site to become Europe’s largest competence center for electromobility. A chronicle.
  • 11/07/18

    Three brothers – one passion

    30 years ago, Patrick, Paul and Vincent Postma fell in love with Volkswagen Beetle convertibles. They turned their passion for classic Beetles and the ‘Bulli’ camper van into a successful business model.
  • 11/02/18

    Into pole position with “Faculty 73”

    Volkswagen AG is now training its own new generation of IT experts. Interested applicants with “IT passion” from both inside and outside of the Group can apply until November 4. In spring 2019, the first 100 participants will start with the innovative “Faculty 73” program, a two-year course culminating in a junior software developer qualification. In 2021, the future co-workers will then be in pole position to launch their careers in a promising field. In addition, they will be given contracts for permanent employment at Volkswagen.
  • 10/29/18

    Who develops the operating system for future cars?

    Cars will soon be fully connected, linked up to the Internet of Things and involved in constant data exchange. The basis for this is being laid by the 1,400 employees in the Electrics/Electronic Development department in Wolfsburg.
  • 10/23/18

    Trainees keep the memory alive

    For 30 years, the Volkswagen Group has worked in cooperation with the International Auschwitz Committee to promote the work of the memorial. Trainees help regularly to preserve the Auschwitz and Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp memorial sites as places of remembrance.
  • 10/19/18

    Only e-cars: First factory in China

    The electrification strategy of the Volkswagen Group China is rapidly gaining pace on the world’s biggest market for e-mobility. In Zwickau, Germany, the group-wide largest production line is currently being built, scheduled to start production of the electric ID car in summer 2019.
  • 10/12/18

    Secret meeting with the new rally Polo

    The Polo GTI R5 – the rally Polo for customer sport – is available now. Future owners were able to experience the hottest Polo up close and personal on a very special taxi ride.
  • 10/11/18

    “There’s a misperception about the automotive industry.”

    Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess has criticized the way politics is handling CO2 emission limits and coal-based power, and warned against oversimplified accusations about climate protection. Here are some excerpts from the interview with German daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.
  • 10/10/18

    Huh or hey?

    Last year, Volkswagen Group launched its very own multi-brand online used car portal, heycar, where around 310,000 cars are currently waiting for a new owner.
  • 10/02/18

    Spectacular hill climb event in Bavaria

    Volkswagen started with six cars at the 2018 Edelweiß Bergpreis Rossfeld
  • 09/28/18

    Plant productivity to increase 30 percent

    Volkswagen has set itself ambitious goals with its new TRANSFORM.TOGETHER production strategy. The Board of Management sees efficiency potential of EUR 2.6 billion by 2025.
  • 09/27/18

    “We will be one of the best in productivity”

    The Volkswagen brand aims to achieve a competitive return of at least 6 percent through increased efficiency to finance key future investments from operating activities. In this way, the company will secure today’s jobs for the future. One of the biggest efficiency levers for the brand is found in production. Today in Berlin, the Volkswagen brand is presenting its new TRANSFORM.TOGETHER production strategy. The central goal is to increase productivity by 30 percent by 2025. Find out more in the interview with Dr. Andreas Tostmann, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Production, and Dr. Robert Cisek, Head of Production Strategy.
  • 09/21/18

    Happening in orange

    The creme21 youngtimer rallye has become a legend. Volkswagen Classic enriched the 17th cult event with three cool classic cars.
  • 09/12/18

    Diess and Osterloh: The big double interview

    Interview with Volkswagen’s CEO and the Chairman of the Works Council about VfL Wolfsburg’s good start to the season, the problems with WLTP, the new importance of Production, and the “half-time score” for the Pact for the Future
  • 08/30/18

    “Our customers can continue to order the most popular models”

    The Volkswagen brand expects an orderly transition to the new WLTP test procedure. The systematic, temporary storage of vehicles contributes to providing customers with the shortest possible waiting times.