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  • 08/08/18

    High-tech for the future: Volkswagen Design focuses on working digitally

    LED screens, interactive design, collaboration in virtual reality: Volkswagen Design is forging ahead with the process of digital transformation and has completely changed its working methods over the past two years. And with success: from the creation of new products right up to the point of their acceptance, work is now consistently carried out digitally, which significantly increases the efficiency of individual work steps and facilitates collaboration across locations. The new processes also give employees much more room for personal and professional development.
  • What does a …      VR-Developer actually do at Volkswagen?

    Virtual reality (VR) is not just game-playing. At Volkswagen, VR is contributing to faster and more efficient development of vehicle models. VR developers such as David Kuri program the powerful software for it. The 26-year-old previously worked for an international computer game company. He is now contributing his specialist knowledge to Group IT's Virtual Engineering Lab.
  • 09/27/17

    Traveling in a Volkswagen that is still to be developed

    Volkswagen plant, Technical Development, Hall 70: a Golf rolls up. The hall has no windows but the Golf glides through a sunny urban scene. Here too, nothing is real, not even the Golf. This model will only appear on the roads in a few years' time. Nevertheless, Frank Ostermann and Mathias Möhring are already sitting in the car. Ostermann enters a new route while Möhring adjusts the air conditioning. It's all no problem. The virtual Golf and its surroundings are the result of ground-breaking teamwork. The Volkswagen Group IT Virtual Engineering Lab and the Technical Development Department of the Volkswagen brand had a shared goal. They wanted to revolutionize the development of new Volkswagen models. They have succeeded: The next Golf will already be developed virtually.
  • How Volkswagen is developing the car of the future virtually

    How Volkswagen is developing the car of the future virtually

    Bright sunlight floods the Volkswagen Virtual Engineering Lab in Wolfsburg. Two dozen screens flicker, some of them showing graphics and others hundreds of lines of program code. In the center of the room, there is a scale 1:4 model of a Golf. Frank Ostermann inspects the model, and then he changes its wheels, replaces the rear lights and modifies the wing mirrors. Ostermann uses voice commands and gestures to change the design. It is all completed in a matter of seconds. Augmented reality makes it possible. The software required was developed in the Virtual Engineering Lab and the team's results could revolutionize the work of engineers and designers.


Story: The intuitive „carfinder"

Showroom of the future

Intuitive Car Finder: Premiere at Frankfurt Motorshow: Check out the video, 3:20min.
Story: The intuitive „carfinder"

The intuitive "Carfinder"

The sun setting over the ocean, cyclists riding through the city, a father hugging his daughter – Volkswagen is showing these and similar video sequences to its customers at the IAA. The viewing is followed by a list of three vehicles that fit the customer's profile. Welcome to the showroom of the future with the intuitive Carfinder which makes its debut in Frankfurt.