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Markenhochaus (Brand Tower) - new Volkswagen logo
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Story: "Transparent garages and a black cube"

Transparent garages and a black cube

The Autostadt puts the Volkswagen Group’s values into visual form. Guided tours of the exhibition give visitors an overview of what there is to experience – and that goes beyond hands-on mobility.
Story "Showing real strength"

Showing real strength

A beacon project at Volkswagen Group is focusing on people with physical limitations who work in production. Read all about the STARK demographics project at the Wolfsburg plant.
Story "The brain of the factory"

The brain of the factory

Car production is a complex affair. Thousands of influencing variables need to be harmonized. The production, information and control system known as "FIS" (explanation follows further down) helps. We look behind the scenes of the FIS in Wolfsburg, where each second counts for the 3,500 cars made every day.