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The ID.5 is the first E-SUV coupé from Volkswagen. It is the all-electric top model with premium features based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB). The new ID.5 and the sporty ID.5 GTX with dual-motor all-wheel drive inspire with expressive design, long-distance capability and the latest software generation.
Powerful, sporty, expressive. The ID.5 GTX is the dynamic flagship of the model series. It is equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system in which the electric drive motor on the front axle supports the rear motor as required. This combination is capable of delivering a maximum power of up 220 kW (299 PS). The model’s premium and athletic character is underlined by its generous standard equipment – including numerous assist systems and high-quality design accents. The ID.5 GTX also comes with all-rounder qualities and can pull a maximum trailer weight of up to 1,400 kilograms.
The ID.7 is, after the models ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6 (only in China) and the ID. Buzz, the sixth model in the ID. Family and the second global car from Volkswagen based on MEB after the ID.4. The electric sedan will be launched in the three primary markets of China, Europe and North America. The ID.7 for the European market will be produced at the Volkswagen Emden plant. It is the second model based on the modular electric drive matrix to be built in Emden.
A generous interior developed according to a fundamental principle that has been continuously perfected over seven decades: maximum use of minimal space. Accompanied by short body overhangs, balanced weight distribution, a low centre of gravity and rear-wheel drive – these are the elements that have set the original apart in this class since 1950. Available in the future as fully electric versions based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB), in the form of the ID. Buzzand ID. Buzz Cargo

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Representative survey: Next car - majority of Europeans want to buy an electric car

Representative survey: Next car - majority of Europeans want to buy an electric car

Spend less and live more consciously to avoid having to give up too much. This is the European motto in times of an energy crisis and inflation. One in three people are restricting their mobility and plan to make fewer car journeys. However, individual mobility remains essential and owning a car is important. These are the findings of a representative survey carried out by mm customer strategy. With support from Volkswagen, the consulting company surveyed more than 7,500 people in the five countries of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.
ID.4 production in Chattanooga - US plant shapes up for e-mobility

ID.4 production in Chattanooga - US plant shapes up for e-mobility

E-cars are also becoming increasingly popular in the USA. Series production of the all-electric ID.4 started at the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant in this summer. Training is preparing the next generation for the automotive future.
Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The drive system question - The future of the car: The five greatest strengths of e-mobility

Does this sound familiar? Friends, colleagues and family members discussing whether electric cars are truly the future. Would other drive systems – particularly hydrogen – not be a better solution? Most scientists believe this question has already been answered. “It has been shown in many studies that electric drive systems are by far the most efficient methods for powering vehicles,” says Prof. Maximilian Fichtner, battery expert at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). We have summarised what you need to know in five points – the great strengths of e-mobility.