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Volkswagen Beetle

Press releases

  • 09/19/16

    328 km/h! – the world's fastest Beetle

    A specially-tuned Volkswagen Beetle has set a new speed record at the World of Speed event that has long been a tradition at Lake Bonneville in Utah (USA). The Beetle LSR (Land Speed Record) with a turbocharged 2.0-litre direct-injection engine (TSI) drove the fastest speed ever documented for a Beetle, reaching 328.195 km/h (205.122 mph) over a distance of one mile.
  • 11/17/15

    World premiere of the new Beetle Dune at the Los Angeles Auto Show

    Volkswagen is presenting the new Beetle Dune at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The crossover model, which is reminiscent of the legendary Baja California dune buggies, is characterised by an eye-catching design with numerous off-road accents, large 18-inch wheels and a higher ride height. The Beetle Dune is making its debut as both a coupe and convertible. Prices begin at 23,625 euros for the Coupe and 27,800 euros for the Cabriolet.
  • 02/07/13

    Only 3,500 cars worldwideVolkswagen presents the new Beetle GSR in Chicago

    Volkswagen launches a Beetle designed solely with dynamics in mind: the new GSR. The exclusive, powerful 155 kW / 210 PS model will take centre stage at its world premiere at the Chicago Auto Show from 7th to 18th February. Limited edition: 3,500 cars; worldwide. GSR – a quaint abbreviation with a legendary predecessor: the "Yellow/Black Racer" based on the Beetle 1303 S. And only 3,500 cars of the earlier model were produced as well. Exactly 40 years ago, the sportiest series production Beetle of all time made its debut. Its yellow/black body made it instantly recognisable. In 2013, Volkswagen is writing a further chapter in the history of the iconic car with the new Beetle GSR. Just like its predecessor, the current version is also being launched as a two-colour model. Orders for the Beetle GSR can be made from May onwards; the cars will be delivered from the autumn. Price in Germany: € 30,300.
  • 07/15/11

    Jay Leno tests the new Volkswagen Beetle

    Jay Leno, US TV star and one of the world's greatest car collectors, became one of the first people outside Volkswagen to drive the new Beetle during a visit to Volkswagen's headquarters at Wolfsburg.
  • 04/18/11

    Initial Facts: The Beetle

    A look back to the start: at the beginning Volkswagen built one of the most successful cars of all time and did not even give it a name. Why should it? After all, it was the Volkswagen! People loved it, and on all of the world's continents the small car was nicknamed according to precisely what it looked like: Beetle, Käfer, Vocho, Coccinelle, Fusca, Maggiolino or 甲壳虫! It embodied the automotive concept itself and symbolised the democratisation of mobility. 21.5 million cars were sold. Then the New Beetle arrived in 1998. It introduced a new automotive feeling to the world and brought with it Beetle Mania. In 2010, the Final Edition completed the New Beetle series that had sold more than one million cars. And now? A look forward. The future of the most famous car in the world begins now. In a completely new generation. It's The Beetle! And because Volkswagen and the Beetle call the globe their home, the new car is celebrating a transcontinental world debut – simultaneously in Shanghai, Berlin and New York .


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