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Volkswagen Eos

Press releases

  • 10/07/10

    Volkswagen Eos extensively enhanced

    In the 10th month of the year, Volkswagen is already holding its 13th model premiere: the highly successful Eos open-top coupé has been given an updated design and further enhanced with numerous new features.
  • 03/04/08

    The Eos

  • 11/03/06

    In the spotlight: The Eos V6

    The new Eos from Volkswagen is the most successful cabriolet in Germany: it was launched in the early summer of 2006 and immediately took its place at the top of its segment. In August, the market share for the four-seater vehicle was 15.3 percent: with approximately 1,600 newly registered Eos in one month, the Eos was more than 100% ahead of the closest competitor. A compliment for the Eos, which appeals to Golf customers in the "1.6 FSI", "2.0 FSI" and "2.0 TDI" versions and also feels at home in the Passat class with the "2.0 TFSI" and "3.2 V6" versions. A closer inspection of the new Eos V6 with its double-clutch DSG gearbox fitted as standard shows what potential for power and comfort can be found in the only cabrio world-wide to have an integrated glass sliding/tilting roof.

Background Reports

  • 05/02/06

    The new Eos

    Contains 8 sections: Positioning, CSC-Roof, Body, Interior, Equipment, Engines / Gears, Running gear and Trial Phase