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Eight GTI facts that you need to know!

Eight GTI facts that you need to know!

It is often red, has checked seats and does not just have a sporty look – most people could tell you that much about the Golf GTI. A host of interesting stories and facts has accumulated over the past 45 years, and we have put these in print for you!
Story: Fascination in just three letters

Fascination in just three letters

With the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Volkswagen launched a sports car for everyone in 1976, hitting the pulse of the time. We look back and show how the sports car from Wolfsburg has developed from generation to generation.
Story: The benchmark of its time – for decades

The benchmark of its time – for decades

Clear lines, pure design – the new Volkswagen was a revolution in 1974. It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who created a genuine icon. Since then, the Golf has inspired time and time again – the latest generation, the eighth, was designed by Volkswagen Group Chief Designer, Klaus Bischoff, and his team. 46 years passed between the first and the latest model. The two designers were faced with very different challenges, and yet one question connects them both: how do you create a design that stands the test of time?




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