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The ID.3’s safety technologies

The new ‘centre airbag’ should prevent the front-seat passengers’ heads from colliding. Stefan Hagen, who is responsible for side impacts in the ID.3, tells us exactly how it works.

New ID.3: ‘Today, safety wouldn’t be possible without simulation’

To begin with, the new airbag in the ID.3, which inflates between the two front seats, was developed virtually on the computer. How did that work and how did a supercomputer precalculate these crash situations? Ernst Glas, who is responsible for calculation as Head of Vehicle Safety, tells us.

What’s the ‘idea of the battery’ in the ID.3?

The safety and lightweight design of the ID.3: Volkswagen’s first-ever full-surface underbody protection is made from aluminium and designed to minimise the drag coefficient (Cd value). This not only ensures efficient driving and optimum stability, but also drastically reduces weight and distinguishes the ID.3 battery construction from that of competitors. Norman Tenneberg, Head of subdepartment High Voltage Battery Housing, Underbody cladding and Wheel Arch Liner, tells us how challenging it was to work on the crash-proof battery housing.

From virtual to physical – the ID.3 straight out of the computer

Ureol – ever heard of it? This wood-like material is used in the development process for passenger cars to create the bodywork for final product decisions. One of the people behind the ID.3 data control model and design experience vehicle is foreman Peter Krause.

Finding the right balance between design and construction

The concepts of design and technical feasibility are brought in line using a digital data control model (DDKM). This visual simulation solution makes it possible to calculate and display the latest stages of development in a fraction of a second. This saves time, and with it money. In episode six of “Becoming ID.” with Stefan Langewellpott, Head of Class-A Surfacing and Visualization, we discuss how exciting it was to be the interface between the design and technology behind the new ID.3, and to calculate and physically reproduce in 3D the light, shade and reflections on the car.

Comparison: your car vs. the ID.3

Do the EV Check and find out how your car performs against an ID.3, e-Golf or e-up!. The free “Volkswagen EV Check” app makes it possible to experience e-mobility.

Why electric cars absolutely must emotionalise

What are the advantages of the new MEB platform for developing the design of the ID.3? How do the fully electric vehicles in the ID.3 family differ from those with conventional combustion engines? And how exactly should an electric vehicle look? Marco Pavone, head of exterior design at Volkswagen, answered these questions.

33,000 people say: “Yes, I do!”

Yes, we’ve done it – we have reserved an ID.3 1ST 33,000 people from all over Europe have already placed an order for the first model of the ID. family. What motivated them to do so? Seven pre-bookers talked to us:

Easy charging – always and everywhere

Volkswagen is not only developing electric mobility of the future, but also the associated charging infrastructure. This is the only way to achieve a turnaround in mobility. At the IAA, the company will also be presenting a wallbox for home charging.

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