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Volkswagen builds Golf faster than ever before

Over 35 million Golf in various versions have been produced worldwide since the first generation, 26 million of them at the Wolfsburg plant. Production of the new Golf at the main plant began in the summer and is currently in the run-up phase. The first vehicles will be in the showrooms at dealers in Germany and Austria in early December. To prepare for production, approximately 700 work steps were analyzed at over 400 workshops to leverage existing efficiency reserves. Numerous process improvements have been implemented to make sure the eighth generation of the bestseller can be built more efficiently than its predecessor.

Change of perspective: exhibition "People on the Run" shows the view of those affected

On 21 and 22 October, the Missio Truck of the International Catholic Missionswerk e.V. will be visiting the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg at the invitation of the Volkswagen Group Flüchtlingshilfe. On board is the multimedia exhibition "People on the Run", in which visitors can relive the dangers and problems of a forced flight.

Countdown to the new Golf: Golf Mk6 – high-end in a compact format

2.85 million Golf Mk6 vehicles were produced between 2008 and 2012. Golf generation number 6 once again represented a leap forward in terms of safety: the still laser-welded body scored the maximum of five stars in the EuroNCAP crash test with flying colours. An armada of new assist systems also premiered in this Golf – they marked the breakthrough of high-tech safety and comfort technologies.

Volkswagen launches major recruiting campaign

Volkswagen has launched a new HR marketing campaign. The new campaign takes a more proactive approach to highlighting the attractive work and development opportunities at Volkswagen for experts in digitalization, electrification and IT. The campaign motto is short and sweet: #hello possible. From this October, the 360° cross-sector campaign targets potential candidates under this hashtag — with a video, print ads, digital channels and out-of-home advertising.

World premiere Golf 8

The world premiere Golf 8 will be broadcasted live on Thursday, October 24th , 2019, from 06.00pm until 07.50pm CEST (04.00pm GMT – 05.50pm GMT):

Countdown to the new Golf: the Golf Mk5 – it's come of age

This was the Golf generation offering comfort and dynamics that went beyond those of quite a number of competitors within the upper mid-sized vehicle class. The same rang true for quality. A value that underlines the stability of the laser-welded body is that its torsional rigidity had increased by 35 percent in 2003 upon the debut of the Golf Mk5. This also marked the first time that the Golf was optionally available with side airbags in the rear – in conjunction with the standard airbags (front, sides at the front, head-protection airbag) this now meant that eight of these protecting, inflatable pads were on board the vehicle.

Volkswagen offers cities cooperation to optimize urban mobility

The Volkswagen Group is showcasing answers for urban trends and challenges at the ITS World Congress in Singapore, the world’s largest event for intelligent transport systems. The presentations focus on the Group’s extensive product and service portfolio of solutions for the problems of urban mobility. The aim is to offer cities tailored collaboration to optimize intelligent mobility concepts and develop new growth markets, for example through e-mobility, micro mobility and electric buses together with new mobility services.

Volkswagen Group on course to reduce CO2 emissions

While the climate package continues to be a political issue in Germany, Volkswagen committed itself to the Paris Climate Agreement some time ago. The Group has set the course for being net CO2-neutral in 2050 in line with its "goTOzero" environmental mission statement.

Countdown to the new Golf: Golf Mk 4 – the style icon

Its clear-cut and precise design characterised the brand more than ever before and set the course for the Volkswagen of the future: The Golf Mk 4 was developed in the mid 90s under the direction of the Volkswagen Head Designer at the time, Hartmut Warkuß. Today, design experts consider it a style icon that was pioneering for the product line. This also comes as a result of this particular generation’s uncompromisingly clear-cut lines and the product line’s striking C-pillar design that bridged the gap to the 1974 Golf Mk1.

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