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  • Story: “Self-driving Cars Present a Great Opportunity”

    “Self-driving Cars Present a Great Opportunity”

    Alexander Hitzinger, Board of Management member for Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, is responsible for developing autonomous driving at the Volkswagen Group. In an interview, he talks about the cooperation with Ford, technological challenges and future business models.
  • 07/12/19

    "We want to establish MEB as an industry standard"

    Volkswagen and Ford intensify their strategic alliance. In an interview, Volkswagen’s CEO explains the Group’s three strategic goals.
  • 07/04/19

    "The smile comes automatically"

    When Klaus Bischoff, Chief Designer of the Volkswagen brand, talks about the ID. BUGGY, he gets enthousiastic. An interview about old vehicles, new design and emotional e-cars.
  • 07/02/19

    Goal: five stars!

    As part of NCAP crash tests, each car must meet different requirements. The requirements vary from country to country. This poses major challenges for international carmakers like Volkswagen.
  • 06/27/19

    "I’ve got 1,500 cars in Berlin"

    WeShare – the pure electric car sharing from Volkswagen – has been launched. Vanessa Petre Linbenciuc has already tried out the sustainable ervice in Berlin. A field report.
  • 06/13/19

    The new Passat: interview with the project leader

    Presales for the new Passat have started. A young team has taken the task of perfecting the successful mid-range model. The outcome is something to be proud of.
  • 06/12/19

    WLTP gets stricter

    The process will be modified again in September. We have answers on the five most important questions plus a video.
  • 05/20/19

    The extent of our cars’ connectivity

    Modern vehicles are becoming ever more digital and intelligent. In addition, all systems and functions have to be networked, so software is playing an increasingly important role. Volkswagen board member Frank Welsch explains how this is changing the way developers work.
  • 05/16/19

    The new Golf: with 48V technology

    If not the Golf, then who? The eighth-generation of the bestseller will feature a new electrified drive system. We explain facts and functions of the socalled „mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle“-Systems („mHEV“) with 48 volt technology.
  • 05/14/19

    Six advantages of the MEB

    Volkswagen has opened its modular electric drive matrix (German abbreviation: "MEB") to other manufacturers. This makes production cheaper, but also offers further advantages. You will find the six most important ones below:
  • 04/25/19

    The Vehicle will become our living space

    The car of the future will become our intelligent assistant: it will prepare the journey for us, support us and understand what we want. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a reality. Part 4 of our series on user experience trends.
  • 04/23/19

    When your Car Becomes your Travel Guide

    The car of the future will understand us: it will respond to our language and gestures. If there are problems, we’ll get the right tip at the right time. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a reality. Part 3 of our series on user experience trends.
  • 04/18/19

    When your car massages you

    The car of the future will assist us: it will help us wake up and relax, safely guide us through traffic and appeal to our senses in optimal fashion. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a reality. Part 2 of our series on user experience trends. User Experience, short "UX", refers to all impressions and experiences that customers make when dealing with a product or service, for example when operating a car. UX-Design has the task to make the use as intuitive and simple as possible. Computer scientists, psychologists, and electrical engineers are working closely together in this field.
  • 04/17/19

    For the lifetime of a car

    Frank Blome heads Volkswagen’s Center of Excellence for Battery Cells. In this interview he explains how batteries are changing the automobile, what drivers should know about charging their e-cars and what advances we can expect to see in the next generations of battery technology.
  • 04/15/19

    Four world premieres in Shanghai

    The curiosity is immense. The stage is even bigger. And the surprises were a great success, too. Volkswagen presented an incredible four world premieres in a single evening, on the eve of the Auto Shanghai. “That’s not normal,” says marketing chief Jürgen Stackmann, his face beaming. “I can not remember ever experiencing a night like this.”
  • 04/10/19

    When your car is waiting for you

    The car of the future will be as attuned to our needs as a personal assistant. It will know our wishes, entertain us, even speak with us. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a not-too-distant reality. This is the first sequence of our new series on user experience. User Experience, short "UX", refers to all impressions and experiences that customers make when dealing with a product or service, for example when operating a car. UX-Design has the task to make the use as intuitive and simple as possible. Computer scientists, psychologists, and electrical engineers are working closely together in this field.
  • 04/05/19

    Is lithium replaceable?

    Why is lithium so important for the production of electric car batteries? How will Volkswagen secure a sustainable supply chain? We provide the answers and explain with five graphics the importance of this well-sought after alkali metal.
  • 04/03/19

    Travelling with radar and laser

    More than a few denizens of the city have been pleasantly astonished by the sight of autonomous e-Golfs* driving on the streets of Hamburg. The driver only grabs the wheel in exceptional circumstances. The car is testing autonomous driving!
  • 04/02/19

    "April Fool!": The optical revolution

    A new feature called OOPS, which allows car drivers to safely do without their glasses while driving? As you probably realized, the innovation we reported on yesterday, on 1st of April, under the headline "Get a clear view" was not meant to be serious.
  • 04/01/19

    Get a clear view!

    Today, Volkswagen will start installing a new innovative front screen. It targets all those who would like to do without their glasses whilst driving.
  • 02/21/19

    The magic of the mix

    Volkswagen is banking on electric cars to achieve overall carbon-neutral mobility. We explain why the energy mix is so important. And how the company is already using and offering sustainable electricity.
  • 02/20/19

    Lithium to lithium, manganese to manganese

    In the future, Volkswagen will offer e-mobility for all – and will assume overall responsibility: from the concepts for the vehicles, through production, sales and operations on to recycling. For this reason, a pilot plant for battery recycling is currently being set up at Salzgitter factory, south-west of Braunschweig, Germany.
  • 02/19/19

    Likeable, discreet, and pure

    What’s the aesthetic core values of the ID. family? What role does augmented reality play in daily work? And which is his favourite member of the ID. Family? Volkswagen chief designer Klaus Bischoff gives the answers, in writing and in a video.
  • 02/15/19

    The mega potential of the supply chain

    Volkswagen is doing everything in its power to make its contribution to achieving the Paris climate targets. CO2-neutral components and raw materials play an important role. Check this overview and three info graphics.
  • 02/14/19

    Clean mobility: It's possible!

    Volkswagen wants to do its part for climate protection. The road to getting there leads through a holistic e-mobility concept. Read all about the most important facts, together with two videos and five info graphics.
  • 01/31/19

    "We are open to e-collaboration"

    Volkswagen is ready to open its new MEB electric platform to other manufacturers, thus reducing the costs of electric cars. Michael Jost, Head of Strategy for Volkswagen, highlighted this approach.
  • 01/15/19

    A triumph for the automatic

    Revolution in carmaking: 15 years ago, Volkswagen introduced the first direct-shift gearbox. The DSG was the first large-scale series production automatic that was more efficient than a manual.
  • 10/17/18

    Let there be light!

    In its lighting competence center Volkswagen is working hard on developing the light of the future. The engineers, lighting designers, software developers, electronics engineers, and researchers working in Wolfsburg have now presented the fruits of their work to the general public for the first time.
  • 09/11/18

    3D printing in action

    3D printing is increasingly making its presence felt in automobile production. Such printing processes are already being used to build prototypes and make tools. Volkswagen has now joined forces with the technology company HP to use 3D metal printing in mass production.
  • 09/07/18

    Totally digital

    From DigiFiz to Active Info Display – development of the digital cockpit
  • 08/31/18

    Volkswagen We: Digital on the road

    A platform for digital mobility services - what could it look like? The Volkswagen We ecosystem shows how it works. It can already be used today.
  • 08/28/18

    “Design has to be experienced with all senses.”

    The Head of Volkswagen Design, Klaus Bischoff, on the new tasks for designers, the challenges posed by the transformation of mobility and why the C-pillar of the Golf is one of the most important assets of the company.
  • 08/24/18

    Automatically bound for the future

    The history of autonomous driving at Volkswagen
  • 08/17/18

    Light years

    Volkswagen’s journey from the functional headlight to customised light scenarios
  • 08/07/18

    Formula Student Germany: They’re off!

    The Formula Student Germany is one of the most important competitions for budding engineers who build racing cars alongside their studies. Here’s how the team from TU Hamburg is preparing for it – with the support of Volkswagen.
  • 06/25/18

    A step towards the future

  • 06/18/18

    Power and beauty combined

  • 06/08/18

    Emotional and functional

  • 05/25/18

    What a work horse!

  • 05/24/18

    Every gram counts

  • 05/18/18

    "It's just fun!"

  • 05/03/18

    “The race is still on!”

  • 04/30/18

    No words needed

  • 04/23/18

    Next step on the way up

  • 04/05/18

    The future is at hand

  • 03/29/18

    The new Touareg – A Reason to be Proud

    What a treat for the Volkswagen employees at the Wolfsburg factory. Even before its official European premiere, they get to see the brand’s new flagship with its gleaming rims, shiny finish, and purring engine. The SUV is exhibited at various locations across the expansive factory grounds. It’s a wonderful surprise. Filled with joy, pride and admiration, many employees seize the opportunity to get to know the crown jewel first-hand.
  • 03/16/18

    Diversity is Key

  • 03/01/18

    Ready for the customer

    On "approval test run" with the new Touareg
  • 02/15/18

    To Fill or to Charge

  • 01/31/18

    Interview and Portrait

  • 01/31/18

    Monsieur 100,000 horsepower

  • 01/31/18

    ‘Like the surface of the moon'

    Pikes Peak driver Romain Dumas on the world's most famous hill climb
  • 01/12/18

    Full speed ahead

  • 12/18/17

    A legend in pictures

  • 11/07/17

    Facts, figures, somersaults

  • 11/07/17

    Not just hot air

  • 11/03/17

    Nearer to real life

  • 11/01/17

    From NEDC to WLTP

    Complex installation: the mobile test equipment is prepared.
  • 10/19/17

    Back to the Peak

  • 09/25/17

    Showroom of the future

    Intuitive Car Finder: Premiere at Frankfurt Motorshow: Check out the video, 3:20min.
  • 09/13/17

    The intuitive "Carfinder"

    The sun setting over the ocean, cyclists riding through the city, a father hugging his daughter – Volkswagen is showing these and similar video sequences to its customers at the IAA. The viewing is followed by a list of three vehicles that fit the customer's profile. Welcome to the showroom of the future with the intuitive Carfinder which makes its debut in Frankfurt.
  • 07/11/17

    Electric heart