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Electric Life: Volkswagen subsidiary Elli offers Volkswagen Naturstrom® throughout Germany with immediate effect

The Volkswagen I.D. will be the pioneer of clean mobility – symbol image
Volkswagen Naturstrom® comes from sustainable sources.
  • Elli (Electric Life) supplies 100 percent CO2-free Volkswagen Naturstrom® to private households and small businesses with and without electric vehicles
  • TÜV-certified origin from wind, solar and hydropower facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Customers contribute to the energy transition and to the mobility of the future

The Volkswagen Group is taking a further consistent step towards sustainability. The new Group subsidiary, Elli Group GmbH, is offering an eco-power tariff that is available throughout Germany with immediate effect. The first product from Elli is called “Volkswagen Naturstrom®”, comes from 100-percent renewable sources and is intended for private households and small businesses. The new tariff is expressly intended not only for current customers of Volkswagen Group brands or owners of electric vehicles.

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