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  • With the introduction of its 48-volt mild hybrid drive system, Volkswagen is entering the next phase of the large-scale electrification of its fleet
  • Volkswagen will be providing an in-depth insight into its modular electric drive matrix for the very first time
  • The next step will see Volkswagen working to advance the development of highly automated driving

Levels 3 and 4 of automated driving, a 48-volt drive system and a platform developed exclusively for e-vehicles – Volkswagen will be showcasing its progress toward integrated, CO2-neutral mobility at the 40th International Vienna Motor Symposium. The mild hybrid (mHEV) system makes an important contribution to sustainable mobility. Depending on the driving style, it can save around 0.4 litres of fuel over 100 kilometres and cut carbon emissions in the process. Volkswagen will also provide the first ever in-depth insight into its MEB (modular electric drive matrix), the basis for automated driving.

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