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Tomasz Bachorski, Head of Interior Design, and Astrid Göring, Color & Trim designer, with the new Golf, on which they worked together.

At Volkswagen, designing a new model always involves a large team. That was no different in the case of the new Golf: designers from a diverse range of disciplines helped to shape the car and contributed to the design of the Golf with their own individual skills, experience and passions. We spent a day with two such designers, discovering what moves them, what inspires them, and what drives them. “People shaping the Golf”, part 3 – Astrid Göring and Tomasz Bachorski on their favourite places in Wolfsburg and Braunschweig.

Story: “We share a love of cars.”
Astrid Göring, Color & Trim designer.
“I find my inspiration everywhere, and nowhere,” says Color & Trim designer Astrid. “I am a collector: whether in the stables, boxing, at an art exhibition, the fascination of the masts and rigging in a harbour, or ears of corn in a field – I scan my surroundings, take it all in, and store it away.”
“Designing a new Golf is something, for which everyone has huge respect. It is the latest in a line of generations,” says Tomasz Bachorski. “We work closely together to develop colours, shapes and intention. What connects us is design, and the mobile future we are working on together.” Astrid nods in agreement: “We share a love of cars.”
“There is a nice buzz around the colour. The lemon yellow puts people in a good mood, is easily recognisable and lifts spirits, even in poor weather,” says Astrid Göring. “My favourite element is definitely the dash panel: designed like a sculpture, it is a form of operating architecture for a mobile living environment. That is why I am particularly proud of our team,” explains Tomasz Bachorski. “We have tried to keep the controls completely intuitive and digital – as we are used to at home and on our smart devices.”