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The most emotional member of the ID. family is here! The all-electric “Bulli” – the ID. Buzz – has completed countless runs in extreme heat and cold during its test phase on the road to production readiness. Here are the testing locations around the world, at which the high-tech Bulli has shown what it is capable of.

Hot and cold climate testing to meet the highest demands

The electric van must also show what it is made of on real, snow-covered roads and in extreme minus temperatures in the far north.

Dusty roads in southern Italy

A prototype of the camouflaged ID. Buzz on a dusty road in the heat of southern Italy. Temperatures here can reach up to 48 degrees Celsius.

At the limit in everyday conditions

Cold is not cold enough: The ID. Buzz in the cold chamber in Scandinavia. Right: Many everyday situations can only be tested in the real world. For example, the impact of hitting a kerb, as is being tested here by engineer Harald Bettenhausen and his colleagues. The frozen plastic must not break.

On the roads of this world, virtually