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Volkswagen Classic houses many treasures – including electric cars from 40 years ago and the GDR Golf, which was delivered to eastern Germany since 1978. In an interview, expert Sascha Neumann explains how history strengthens trust in the brand.

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Taking a road trip: The restored VW 1500 Cabriolet during the Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik
Sascha Oliver Neumann, Project Manager Volkswagen Classic.
Pikes Peak Bi-Motor Golf – the highlight at the Techno Classica 2018 stand
The “GDR Golf” is a particularly sought-after collector’s item. It is one of 10,000 Golfs that were delivered to the GDR since January 1978. Here a “GDR Golf” in the color Panama brown in front of a border tower belonging to the memorial to the German division of Marienborn.
Beetles and Beetle Cabriolets at the Edelweiss Classic 2019
The Volkswagen Classic ice cream van at the Sachsen Classic
The Golf GTI Clubsport S “record” with 7 GTI generations at the 2016 Wörthersee GTI gathering