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E-battery or hydrogen – what is the most sustainable mobility strategy? We explain where, according to the current state of play, the decisive advantages of the e-drive system lie in comparison to the fuel cell. And why Volkswagen’s decision to consistently promote e-mobility is the right one.

Story: "Battery or fuel cell, that is the question"
They are all electric cars: but some are powered by batteries, others by hydrogen.
How the hydrogen drive operation works.
The efficiencies in comparison.
The ID.3 is the first fully electric car from the Volkswagen Group. It made its debut at the IAA in Frankfurt and achieves between 330 and 550 kilometers of fully electric range ...
… while the Audi-h-Tron-quattro is a concept car that runs on hydrogen: At 700 bar pressure, they store around six kilograms of hydrogen – for a range of up to 600 kilometers. It takes around four minutes to fill up the tank – similar to a combustion engine powered car.