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Volkswagen intends to be net carbon neutral by 2050. That is why the company is going well beyond electrification of the car with its holistic decarbonization program “Way to Zero”. Volkswagen is the first car maker to support expansion of renewable energies on an industrial scale – and will drive expansion of European wind farms and solar plants with around €40 million up to 2025. Volkswagen has now signed an agreement with wpd wind farm Onshore Aldermyrberget in Skellefteå, the largest project in its portfolio to date. Volkswagen’s share of the wind farm generates some 100 GWh of electricity, or enough for 27,000 households. As a result, Volkswagen is living up to its responsibility as the market leader for electric vehicles in Sweden. In connection with net carbon neutral manufacturing of its ID. models, Volkswagen is now taking another big step towards its goal of net carbon neutral e-mobility over the entire life cycle.

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