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Surroundings Monitoring System (Area View)

Press releases

  • 03/28/18

    Article series: Small helpers with big effects – Part 3 Avoiding accidents thanks to Rear Traffic Alert with Blind Spot Monitor

    Exiting parking spaces in reverse is a common everyday situation in road traffic. When reversing from perpendicular parking spaces, the driver often has a poor view. Another electronic helper from Volkswagen helps here: Rear Traffic Alert. Radar sensors are installed at the rear of the vehicle. They monitor the zone behind and on the sides of the vehicle to supplement the ultrasonic parking sensors. Rear Traffic Alert recognises what the driver cannot see from their seat. If the system detects another vehicle approaching in cross traffic behind the car, it warns the driver preventively of the hazardous situation. If the driver does not react, the system can automatically initiate a brake intervention. This avoids collision damages or at least reduce them.
  • 03/27/18

    Article series: Small helpers with big effects – Part 2 Seeing all around the car and manoeuvring safely with Area View and Rear View

    A good all-round view is a prerequisite for safe parking. In parking situations, in particular, it is often difficult for drivers to get a comprehensive view around their entire vehicle. A small helper that produces big effects in such situations is Area View. A total of four cameras – installed at the rear, in the exterior mirrors and in the radiator grille – acquire images of the entire surroundings and project a live image in the cockpit display from a birds eye perspective. Other views can be shown according to the specific traffic situation and the purpose. This makes it easy to recognise potential obstacles in a timely way.



The new Passat: interview with the project leader

Presales for the new Passat have started. A young team has taken the task of perfecting the successful mid-range model. The outcome is something to be proud of.