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It is often red, has checked seats and does not just have a sporty look – most people could tell you that much about the Golf GTI. A host of interesting stories and facts has accumulated over the past 45 years, and we have put these in print for you!

Fact 1: GTI engine with four cylinders

Fact 2: Unique rim design for each GTI generation

Fact 3: 5,000 Golf GTIs were planned and more than 2.3 million have been constructed

Fact 4: European aesthetics combined with comfort

Fact 5: Legendary three-spoke “spittoon steering wheel”

Fact 6: Golf GTI Cabrio? Yes, we had that in the sixth generation

Fact 7: 2012 heralds a meeting of two global brands – in the Golf GTI adidas

Fact 8: The first GTI to communicate