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  • In February, worldwide deliveries fall by 2.2 percent compared with the previous year to 398,100 vehicles 
  • Volkswagen wins market shares throughout the world in a shrinking overall market 
  • Deliveries up in Germany, Europe and South America, and down in North America 
  • Market share in China increased despite a fall in deliveries 
  • Sales Board Member Jürgen Stackmann: “I am confident that 2019 will again be a successful year for our brand.”

In February, the Volkswagen brand delivered 398,100 vehicles throughout the world, 2.2 percent fewer than in February 2018. In an overall market which shrank even more strongly, Volkswagen was able to gain market shares throughout the world. The brand delivered more cars in Germany (+3.4 percent), Europe (+1.8 percent) and South America (+45.6 percent). Falls in deliveries were recorded in North America (-4.2 percent) and China (-8.8 percent). In China too, the brand won further market shares despite strong shrinkage in the overall market.

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