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  • Ascent of the spectacular mountain road to the mythical “Heaven’s Gate” will take place on September 2
  • Dr. Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO Volkswagen Brand China: “China will take on a pioneering role in terms of sustainable mobility, digitalisation and new mobility services.”

Tianmen Mountain is deeply rooted in Chinese mythology. The 1,519-metre mountain in the south of the country is believed to be a gateway to heaven. As such, Volkswagen’s project – to take the fully-electric ID.R and set a record for ascending the almost eleven-kilometre road to the summit, via no less than 99 corners – is of great symbolic importance. With the spectacular outing of the zero-emission ID.R, Volkswagen brand is supporting an extensive electromobility offensive in China.

Volkswagen Group Night, Auto Shanghai 2019
Dr. Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO Volkswagen brand China at Auto Shanghai 2019.

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