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Second workshop visit on the way to the Wörthersee: Apprentices reveal – Wörthersee GTI 2018 will appear at GTI meeting with White Silver metallic paintwork

The Wörthersee GTI 2018 team: the apprentices from Volkswagen and Sitech with project manager Holger Schülke.
(In front on the near side, from left to right): Nico Sennhenn (21), technical product designer, Marc Fitzlaff (22), process technician specializing in plastic and rubber engineering, Tina Geißler (20), specialist in office management, Sandra Dombrowski (21), technical model maker, Lina Bosse (20), specialist in office management, Anna-Katharina Heumann (22), vehicle paint technician, Maximilian Klar (21), team spokesperson and motor vehicle mechatronics technician, and Marie-Kristin Schildwächter (20), vehicle paint technician, (behind on the driver’s side, from left to right): Patrick Schilling (19), electronics technician for automation, Vincent Raphael Siermann (20), motor vehicle mechatronics technician, Maurice-Christian Ziesmann (21), electronics technician for automation and dual student in electrical engineering, Maximilian Purrucker (21), motor vehicle mechatronics technician, Lena Volk (20), vehicle interior fitter, Florian Dimt (21), motor vehicle mechatronics technician, and Henny Stegmann (19), vehicle interior fitter (Sitech), as well as Thomas Zechmeister, pilot hall, Holger Schülke, projekt manager, and Martin Nobbe, project coordination and controlling.

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