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Volkswagen Touareg

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Story "When the Touareg Tows a House"

When the Touareg tows a house

Living on nine square meters. Italian architect Leonardo Di Chiara tours Europe in his “aVOID” tiny house with a Touareg as his traveling companion.
Story: "Fearlessly off the brake!"

"Fearlessly off the brake!"

Matthias Luft, automotive blogger at and Youtuber, took an in-depth offroad drive of Volkswagen’s current SUV range together with 20 international influencers.
Volkswagen Touareg

Top Grade: Five stars from Euro NCAP

The Touareg has received a full five-star rating from Euro NCAP because it offers a maximum of security. Rolf Bergmann from Global Safety Affairs Volkswagen explains what makes it so safe.
Where the roads end ...

Where the roads end ...

Nine hours of driving, for a distance of 154 Kilometers. That’s hell, when you’re stuck in gridlock on a motorway. But if you drive in a world without roads and don’t even notice how slow you’re going – that’s bliss.
Story: The new Touareg – A Reason to be Proud

The new Touareg – A Reason to be Proud

What a treat for the Volkswagen employees at the Wolfsburg factory. Even before its official European premiere, they get to see the brand’s new flagship with its gleaming rims, shiny finish, and purring engine. The SUV is exhibited at various locations across the expansive factory grounds. It’s a wonderful surprise. Filled with joy, pride and admiration, many employees seize the opportunity to get to know the crown jewel first-hand.
Story: A Road Trip to the World Premiere in Beijing

A road trip to the world première in Beijing

In early March, world record-holding driver Rainer Zietlow left the Bratislava factory in Slovakia in a new Touareg – still in camouflage – and set his sights on China. The 16,000-kilometre route passes through eleven countries. The SUV has been built in Bratislava since 2002; the new Touareg will celebrate its world première in Beijing on 23 March. Read his journal here.