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The car of the future will be as attuned to our needs as a personal assistant. It will know our wishes, entertain us, even speak with us. The experts at Volkswagen Electronics Development are working hard to make this goal a not-too-distant reality. This is the first sequence of our new series on user experience. User Experience, short "UX", refers to all impressions and experiences that customers make when dealing with a product or service, for example when operating a car. UX-Design has the task to make the use as intuitive and simple as possible. Computer scientists, psychologists, and electrical engineers are working closely together in this field.

Story "When your car awaits you"
Kathrin Wilkens from Electronics Development is working with colleagues to shape the user experience of the future. Their goal: Cars should adapt to customer needs even before the trip gets underway.
“We teach the car to understand the driver’s habits better and better over time,” says Kord Lühr.
Biometrics expert Manuel Joachim.
The human gets in – and the car already knows the probable destination. That is Kathrin Wilkens’ field of expertise.

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