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E-cars, natural gas, emission certificates: As part of the "Race to Zero" initiative of the United Nations, the Bundesliga club wants to be the first professional soccer club in the world to be CO₂-neutral by 2025.

Story: VfL Wolfsburg leads the way in climate protection
National player Felicitas Rauch is among the testimonials for the "Race to Zero" initiative of VfL Wolfsburg.
Austrian international Xaver Schlager is also promoting the "Race to Zero" campaign of his club VfL Wolfsburg.
Michael Meeske has been a member of the VfL Wolfsburg management board since November 2018.

"There are still many small adjustments to be made," VfL Managing Director Meeske says. "One could be the expansion of vegan food. Because the more people eat a vegan diet, the less CO2 is produced in livestock breeding and meat production".

Volkswagen on the path to CO2 neutrality