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From DigiFiz to Active Info Display – development of the digital cockpit

Story: Totally digital
In 1986, Golf Mk2 surprised the automotive world with the ‘Digital Driver Information Centre’, or ‘DigiFiz’ for short.
The new Polo: The interaction between the Active Info Display and the infotainment system produces a new digital and interactive cockpit environment.
A kind of blue: from the Golf Mk4 onwards, the compact class turned digital.
Golf IV with multifunction display: at the base of the analogue round instruments, rectangular digital displays are integrated for the first time to indicate time, distance covered and daily kilometres.
Attractive prospects: with the digital operating and display concept, Volkswagen presents the Innovision Cockpit, which was launched with the new Touareg. The completely new operating concept merges the Active Info Display and the infotainment system into one. Functions are operated by touchscreen, voice commands or gesture control.

1974 – Radio ‘Braunschweig’

1st generation: One rotary knob switches the radio on and adjusts the volume. On the right is another for selecting the station. Three buttons in between: one for AM and two for FM. Nothing else is needed in the Golf Mk1.

1983 – Radio ‘gamma’

2nd generation: Digital makes its mark in the Golf Mk2 – at least to a small extent. The ‘gamma’ cassette radio shows the radio frequency in digital form in an LCD display.

1991 – Radio ‘alpha’

3rd generation: It’s still necessary to turn the small knob in the Golf Mk3 to listen to the hits of the 90s live on the car radio. On the other hand, traffic bulletins are now broadcast automatically.

1997 – Radio ‘gamma’

4th generation: Paradigm shift: the ‘gamma’ radio comes for the first time with a CD-changer connection. The large ‘multifunction display’ (MFD) adds a little colour to the picture.

2003 – ‘RCD 300’

5th generation: In the Golf Mk5, launched in 2003, the cassette is now old hat and, in exchange, the mobile phone becomes part of the system. As a further option, the MFD2 can be connected up to an MP3 player.

2008 – ‘RNS 510’

The ‘RNS 510’ introduces multimedia: touchscreen, DVD drive and a 30-GB hard disk celebrate their premiere. Afterwards, the traditional radio is replaced by the ‘DISCOVER PRO’ in the current Golf starting in 2016. Its functions blend with the optionally available digital instruments to form the ‘Active Info Display’.