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30 years ago, Patrick, Paul and Vincent Postma fell in love with Volkswagen Beetle convertibles. They turned their passion for classic Beetles and the ‘Bulli’ camper van into a successful business model.

Three brothers – one passion
The Postma brothers on tour: Patrick, Paul and Vincent in one of their Beetle convertibles. The collection totals just short of 30.
Beautiful parking: The Beetle convertible fits perfectly between the ‘Bulli’ camper vans. Each of the 48 dream cars has its own unique story.
Vincent, Paul and Patrick Postma (from left to right). When Paul purchased the first of their Beetles 30 years ago, nobody had any idea that this love of Volkswagens would become such a huge part of the three brothers’ lives.
Paul Postma still owns his first ever Beetle convertible. However, his daily ride is this beauty.
Patrick Postma is in his element: He has a story for every Volkswagen. However, the thing he and his brother Vincent enjoy most is organising rallies.
The classic road to happiness: Vincent Postma with a souvenir photo of a wedding party to warm the heart of any Volkswagen enthusiast.
Air-cooled dream cars for all occasions.
A glimpse of the interior of the 1967 T1. The ivory steering wheel, the modest instruments, including the classic four-speed gearbox. Pure nostalgia.
The green and white T1 once served as a fire truck. In some places – under the current paintwork – you can still spot the original red paint.
Patrick, Paul and Vincent in front of their spectacular Beetle limousine from Las Vegas. “Everything is fine – except the turning circle,” jokes Paul, who purchased the car six years ago.
Cool Beetle: Lined with dark-blue velour and equipped with a colour television, small sofa and minibar. All this, plus an awesome view, thanks to the large sliding roof.
The finest possible limousine feeling.
Paul Postma purchases old Beetle convertibles and restores them to the most minute detail. The quality of his work is well-known on the scene.
A garage full of Volkswagen dreams.
Paul turns his focus to the Karmann Ghia from Texas. Contacts in the USA constantly keep their eye on the used-car market over there on his behalf.
The Postma brothers – when passion becomes a way of life. Here’s to new vintage challenges!

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