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There can be few other cars as deeply rooted in the lives of its drivers as the Golf. ‘It’s my Life’; a series introducing people who drive the Golf – and who eat and breath Golf. In part 4, the Austrian Ronny Pitz from Klagenfurt explains why a 2004 Golf MK IV R32 is the perfect car for him.

Story: "There can only be one ..."
Knows his way around here and knows every hairpin by name: Ronny Pitz, out for a spin in his Golf R32
Packs a punch: 3.2 litre VR6 engine, 240 PS, 320 Nm at 2,800 rpm, 4MOTION – it moves …
259,000 kilometres don’t show on this Golf R32
Eternal passion: the Mark IV R32 never let Ronny Pitz go
Mountains, valleys, bends: ideal conditions for a Golf R32
“What was that!?” Ronny Pitz enjoys surprising other drivers with his R32

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