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Two apprentices from Volkswagen Osnabrück are restoring a historique automobile, from 1968 for the classic car trade fair Techno-Classica 2019. They are learning the basics of car construction in the process – before they start building the electric cars of the future.

Volkswagen Classic: apprentices restore Type 3 VW 1600 TL
Fábio Lopes (left) und Marvin Wiethölter, apprentices at Volkswagen production plant Osnabrück.

Fábio Lopes and Marvin Wiethölter restore a Volkswagen type 3, built 1968, from scratch

The body has been completely repainted

The freshly painted body – in this condition the reconstruction started. 

The assembly of the headlights is part of the restoration process

"There's almost no electronics," says Fábio Lopes

Mounting the luggage compartment hood. The engine is located in the rear

 The engine is not original, but a reconditioned engine from a VW 412 S with 1,957 ccm

Checking the engine, installed in the rear 

Lopes and Wiethölter had to start from scratch with the fittings

Many parts could still be ordered ...

... other parts had to be laboriously reconditioned

Fábio Lopes (20), Klaus-Dieter Ulrich, Dieter Landenberger, Marcel Leifer und Marvin Wielthölter (18).

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