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Schladming, Austria

The Snow Kings

The Planai Classic in Austria is for dyed-in-the-wool classic car fans only. We went along – sitting in the passenger seat alongside motorsport legend Hans-Joachim “Strietzel” Stuck.

Story: The Snow Kings
The socalled "Salzburg beetle" in its element. Photo: Planai-Classic / Ondrej Kroutil
"Strietzel" Stuck loves corners. Photo: Planai-Classic / Martin Huber
A Porsche 356 B-1600, year built 1961, at the start in Schladming. Photo: Planai-Classic / Martin Huber
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, year built 1962. Photo: Planai-Classic / Martin Huber
Night ride in an Austin A30, year built 1956. Photo: Planai-Classic / Daniel Reinhard
Staff member at the mountain inspection. Photo: Planai-Classic / Ondrej Kroutil
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, built in 1969, and Opel GT, built in 1970, at the Niederöblarn Alpine airfield. Photo: Planai-Classic / Martin Huber
The Planai-Classic will take you through the Ennstal valley for three days.
Departure from the Planai after the mountain test. Photo: Planai-Classic / Ondrej Kroutil
Snow approved: the Sunbeam Supersport from 1930. Photo: Planai-Classic / Martin Huber
The "Salzburg beetle" on its way to the award ceremony. Photo: Planai-Classic / Ondrej Kroutil

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