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With the restart of production, Volkswagen Group logistics specialist Fred Maretzke and his fellow colleagues are faced with a tough job: some plants are waiting for deliveries, others have a full stock, while others are preparing for a cautious restart. “We now have to bring everything under one roof and synchronize it bit by bit,” says the 53-year-old. Maretzke’s advantage is that he has a well-established network of hauliers and other partners behind him with whom he has mastered complicated tasks in recent weeks.

“The restart will be just as demanding as the shutdown”
A passion for logistics: Fred Maretzke at his workplace in Wolfsburg.
Duvenbeck Managing Director, Jörg Witt.
Ready for the restart – the vehicles of the haulage operators, here the Duvenbeck company.
Cristina Corna, Managing Director Arcese Germany.