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Volkswagen is training all their 8,000 employees at the Zwickau plant to be ready for e-car production by 2021. The cost and effort are enormous – but also justified. After all, Zwickau will be the trailblazer for production of the Volkswagen ID. family.

Volkswagen plant Zwickau
Aerial view of the Zwickau plant: the Volkswagen Group is converting it to the leading factory for e-mobility. All 8,000 employees are being trained.
Where the fully electric ID.3 (1) is being manufactured as of November 4. The employees are learning new work processes. (1) ID.3: The car is not for sale yet.
Story: "The Automobile Industry’s Largest Training Campus"
How Volkswagen is preparing its workforc e for the production of e-cars
Production of a Golf Variant in Zwickau. This assembly will continue operating parallel to e-car production until 2020.
Biggest qualification program, ever
Training of the workforce, with support from industry partners.
Biggest qualification program, ever
The workforce learns new processes for the production of e-cars. Also with the help of robots.

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