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When Ralf Brandstätter comes onto the stage in Frankfurt, he presents both, the automotive present and the future. Next to him is the ID.3 – the first production model of the completely newly developed ID. Family. “The ID.3 is the world’s first balance-sheet CO2-neutral electric car. It thus sets new standards: For innovative technology, for freedom of individual mobility and for climate protection,” says Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen Passenger Car brand. The basic price is less than 30,000 euros. The ID.3 has the potential to trigger the breakthrough of electric mobility for the masses.

Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen brand: "The ID.3 is the world's first balance sheet CO2-neutral electric car. It sets new standards".
Potential customers can continue to register for the first edition of ID.3 - emphasizes sales director Jürgen Stackmann.
Frank Welsch, Member of the Board of Management responsible for development at Volkswagen, explains the strengths of the ID.3: "You'll enjoy every kilometre in this car."
With the new generation of the e-up!, Volkswagen is offering truly affordable e-mobility.

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