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In the 60s, Ron Fleming was one of the pioneers of the “California Look”, still the most popular style within the Volkswagen tuning scene to this day. An interview about the initial explosion of the international Beetle cult.

Story "The California Looker"
Hello Herbie! – during his visit to Wolfsburg, Mr Fleming takes a drive in the famous Hollywood Beetle.
California Tunin’ – Ron Fleming in front of his “Underdog”, sometime in the 1960s.
Less is more – a graphic from the 70s describes distinguishing features of the “Cal Look”.
Beetle connaisseurs – Ron Fleming and author Keith Sume examine Volkswagen Classic models in Wolfsburg.
The beginning – for the early “Cal-Looker”, an original type 1 engine was important.
Fake the Germans – Fleming & Co. founded their tuning club "Der kleiner Panzers" in 1965.
No lawnmowers – on drag strips like this, the speedy Beetles caused a sensation.
Ron on the race – Fleming at the wheel of “Tar Babe”, the Beetle of his club friend Greg Aronson.
The nose pointing down – a "Cal Look" Beetle with the typical Nose Down appearance.
DKP in California - "Der Kleiner Panzers" hosted the first meet-ups for Beetle fans overseas.