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On Saturday, August 31, the German women’s national soccer team will begin their qualifying campaign for the European 2021 Championship, in Kassel. The city is located in the state of Hesse, about halfway between Frankfurt and Hanover. We spoke to an employee at Volkswagen Kassel plant about soccer, Volkswagen and diversity.

Story: "No team spirit, no success"
Tina Lichte, 38, has been sub-department manager at Group IT in Kassel since 2014 and leads a team of eight employees. She has been playing soccer in her department team since 2008 and regularly follows various European soccer league matches.
"Openness and diversity play a very important role, both in soccer and at Volkswagen", says Tina Lichte.
"By meeting players with varying biographies, one learns from other cultures, because everyone works or plays differently", says Tina Lichte.
Tina Lichte believes that women’s soccer is already ahead of men’s soccer when it comes to equal rights.