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It is an ambitious goal pursued by Sweden: The Scandinavians want to live in the world's first “fossil-free welfare state” by 2045. For this, CO2 emissions from traffic must be drastically reduced. The prospects are good, but preferences among drivers are a challenge. A country portrait with three infographics.

Typically Swedish: Red wooden houses in front of a stony coast.
Story: Wanted: the perfect drift angle
Aerial view of a frozen lake in Arvidsjaur in northern Sweden. To see: A test track where car manufacturers coordinate their assistance systems and drivers are offered exciting driver training.
Story "Sweden – Green Car Country"
The demand for electric cars will rise: New cars with an internal combustion engine should not exist from 2030.
Story "Sweden – Green Car Country"
Story "Sweden – Green Car Country"
SUVs and sports cars are particularly in demand for Swedish drivers.