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New Volkswagen Centre of Competence for Safety
Aaaand stop! Crash simulation using sleds allows for precise measurement data without cold deformation.
A real thunderclap! 2.5 metres of steel bring the sled to a very abrupt stop
Group picture with an engineer: Volkswagen Head of Vehicle Safety Development Dr Gunnar Koether surrounded by crash dummies.
Free of leaks even when upside down – fluids such as oil and petrol have to stay where they belong following a crash.
Mission briefing with a dummy: Dimitrij Jeske and Michael Bruns check the sled prior to the big bang.
Personal care in the name of safety: each dummy is individually prepared for each test to provide precise measurement data.
Measurement points are incorruptible – reference markings on the walls make every chassis and body deformation visible.
Caption: High technology in the boot: Sophisticated sensors make vehicle load forces visible during a crash.