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Is e-mobility only suitable for short drives in town? The Maribondo da Floresta foundation in rural northern Germany shows that this isn’t the case. We visit an extraordinary business group.

Stopping at the village shop: Heidi Schnibbe has just received some bread rools from Wolfgang Brinkwirth. Now he continues with the e-Crafter***.
Solar cells on the headquarters roof produce power for the company fleet.
Erwin Bienewald is the managing director of the charitable foundation Maribondo da Floresta. In 35 small businesses, Maribondo employs people with disabilities or mental illnesses.
Early in the morning, Wolfgang Brinkwirth loads up the e-Crafter with goods to deliver to a canteen, a village shop and a residential home.

“I like these tours. You get into conversations with people whom you would not meet otherwise,” says Brinkwirth.

Wolfgang Brinkwirth’s morning rounds take two and a half hours – with occasional time for a chat: “I like these tours.
A total of five e-Golfs and one e-Crafter are deployed at Maribondo. The foundation has saved around 27,000 euros in fuel costs alone, thanks to the combination of e-vehicles and an own photovoltaic plant.

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