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A beacon project at Volkswagen Group is focusing on people with physical limitations who work in production. Read all about the STARK demographics project at the Wolfsburg plant.

Story "Showing real strength"
In hall 35 of the Wolfsburg plant, employees with physical limitations assemble cockpits. Project head Sebastian Schmickartz (left) and production worker Thomas Kohn discuss assembly steps at Kohn’s work station.
The right posture is important: Thomas Kohn is a member of a group that will soon total 300 people who will work in cockpit preassembly in hall 35 of Volkswagen’s plant in Wolfsburg.
“I do not ask what employees can NOT do. I want to know what they CAN do. That helps them contribute in a targeted way.” Sebastian Schmickartz heads the STARK Project.
“Our training concept helps colleagues in production build up their strength, remain flexible and avoid bad posture,” ergo-assistant Robert Schrader says. The sports scientist and two colleagues train employees in hall 35.