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From new anti-theft protection to comfort and security applications: Volkswagen presents future utilization areas for socalled “Ultra-Wideband technology” (UWB).

Story: "Realtime safety with UWB"
With a combination of AI and sensors, the car learns personal gestures. This way its able to support the driver, for example with automatically opening the trunk.
UWB offers more comfort for drivers
Chips communicate with each other in milliseconds to help the driver
Car thefts, which are based on catching the communications between a car and its key will become more complicated, when UWB is involved ...
… in addition, the combination of AI and sensors can learn personalized gestures, and for example, open the trunk this way.
UWB checks the correct installation of baby seats and the appropriate activation or deactivation of airbags
The car recognizes the trailer and automatically extends the trailer coupling. Later, the hitch and trailer will connect automatically

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