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Before they leave the factory, every Passat and Arteon built in Emden is subjected to an important test: the final quality assurance check. We visited the coast and looked over the experts shoulders’:

Story: "Heading towards the open road, Arteon!"
View along the production line at station eight: The final inspection for Arteon and Passat takes place under neon lights, replicating daylight.
This man stands for quality: Gerhard Folkerts, shift manager in production.
Something damp? The watertightness test ensures that no water has penetrated following the car wash.
Quality Assurance employee Martina von Schwartzenberg uses the onboard diagnostic interface to check whether all control units and systems are up to date. Contact areas such as the door panels, dashboard and door sills are protected with foil to protect the paint when getting in-and-out of the car.
Everything regarding the paintwork shining? Minor reworking is done by the colleagues from the car completion department directly at “ZP8”.
Mit Schwung auf der Trainingsstrecke im kalifornischen Hungry Valley.
Everything OK? ZP8 is a short distance away. For questions Anja Rosenboom is available as a representative of the head of the department.
No problems? All checkpoints in the vehicle information system (FIS) set to “green”? Then at the end of the ZP8 the cars get their stamp on the accompanying card, and are released in the system.
At the headlamp station, the lighting systems and front camera are tested as key supports for the assistance systems.
Master Röpke is responsible for the headlight adjustment. In addition to the various lighting systems, the front camera is also adjusted here.
Now the journey to the customer begins by ship, train or truck ...

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