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Few other cars are so deeply rooted in the lives of their drivers as the Golf. In the series entitled ‘It’s my Life’, we present people who drive the Golf – and live for it. In part 6, Ulrike Gerwin explains why her Golf VI is just the right car for her family of five.

Story "One for five"
‘The Golf is perfect for us’: Ulrike Gerwin and her family appreciate the flexibility of their Golf.
Ulrike Gerwin’s Golf VI takes everything in its stride, including the weather typical of northern Germany.
A reliable and versatile everyday companion: Ulrike’s Golf VI.
‘It’s cosy, but it works!’.
Eight years old, 100,000 kilometres on the clock and only ever seen the inside of a workshop for inspections.
‘Go for something sensible. Get a Golf!’ Ulrike doesn’t regret taking her father’s advice.