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Story: Next step on the way up
‘FX’ Demaison and Sven Smeets unveil the ID. R Pikes Peak.
Arrival in Alès: the racing car delivered to the racecourse by trailer.
The ID. R Pikes Peak is unloaded in the pit, shielded from curious gazes.
The supercar is fully covered, awaiting its world premiere.
‘FX’ Demaison (left) and Sven Smeets talk about their large-scale project in a conversation with host Maren Braun.
The journalists are impressed at the world premiere.
The journalists capture every detail of the race car on camera.
The Twin Golf comes full circle, having last competed in 1987.
TV star Sidney Hoffmann on his show.
‘FX’ Demaison, Sven Smeets, Jochi Kleint and Florian Urbitsch (from left to right) at the ID. R Pikes Peak.
A look inside the cockpit of the ID. R Pikes Peak.