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Jürgen Stackmann, member of the Board of Management with responsibility for “Sales, Marketing and After Sales”, smiles. “I think it is really exciting to help bring a new brand into the world. This is definitely a very special day,” he tells a group of international business journalists making a media visit in Wolfsburg. The visit is organized to discuss the creation of the new JETTA brand: Volkswagen plans to introduce it in China to attrac the growing target group of young, middle-class customers and of better tapping its market potential.

Story „New brand for China: JETTA“
The vehicle population in numerous Chinese cities with over a million inhabitants is still significantly lower today than in metropolitan regions such as Beijing or Shanghai. At the same time, a steadily growing middle class is striving for individual mobility and its first own car.
Volkswagen's new brand in China, JETTA, offers a sedan in addition to 2 SUV models. With JETTA, Volkswagen intends to create an attractive offering in the entry-level segment, which it had previously not covered. Especially young first-time car buyers in China are to be targeted.
One of two SUV models of the new brand, JETTA.
Valuable materials are recovered
Valuable materials are recovered

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