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It is Monday morning when Anna Levina first learns of her huge task: As quickly as possible the Volkswagen logistics expert and her team are to bring respiratory masks, disinfectants and other medical products from China to Germany. Every day counts because the spread of the corona virus is causing hospitals and doctors’ surgeries to run out of material. The company is therefore donating urgently required equipment. “I had to take a deep breath first,” confesses Anna Levina. “We are used to short-term requests. But this job was special.”

Story “It was clear to us that human lives were at stake”
Anna Levina works as a logistics specialist at Volkswagen – and organized the medical transport from China. She says: “We were incredibly relieved when we got the clearance and were still able to reach the plane.”
First part of the donation: the loading of the breathing masks in Beijing.
Materials logistics specialist Anna Levina: “Usually we come into play when things get stuck somewhere. I like this tension.”