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With the Aurora showcar, apprentices from Wolfsburg, assisted by the innovation development team at Volkswagen Group Components, created a 3,000-watt sound system, controlled by way of a hologram.

The same play, pause and stop buttons we all know from car stereo systems – and yet completely different! The user intuitively controls the 3,000-watt sound system in the Golf GTI Aurora by way of a hologram.
A total of 18 apprentices designed and built the 2019 showcar over several months.
View of the luggage compartment: the playlists float above the holography module. Users select the desired genre and album with the tip of their finger. Control of the hologram is self-explanatory.
Colorful and visually spectacular: while music is being played, the holography module projects a three-dimensional equalizer in the air. On its right: the volume control.

Facts about the car

380 hp in the front and holography in the back: The Golf GTI Aurora

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