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The T-Cross comes off the line in Pamplona, Spain, next to the Polo. Production started in December 2018. The employees are enthusiastic about the brand's smallest SUV.

Story „Hola!, T-Cross!“
Proud of their second model at the site: David, Fausto, Maite, Ruben, Inaki, Inmaculada, Cristina, Borja, José and Picallo (from left to right) welcome the T-Cross at Volkswagen Navarra in Pamplona.
Cristina and Borja met in 2011 in the Pamplona plant. They wanted to be photographed in the exact location where body and engine are “married”, as the experts call the procedure.
Chest out and a broad smile: Ruben (left) and Picallo are proud of the new T-Cross
Ensuring comfort in the T-Cross: Maite installs the seats
Quality check: José checks the gap size.
Inmaculada is a door specialist and is looking forward to the series launch of the T-Cross.
Great incentive: The launch of the T-Cross is Fausto’s last project before retirement.
Master of colors: David programs the impressive paintwork robots.
Suction cups make the work easier: Inaki ensures smooth operation in the press plant.

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