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The creme21 youngtimer rallye has become a legend. Volkswagen Classic enriched the 17th cult event with three cool classic cars.

Story: Happening in Orange
Volkswagen Classic took part in the 17th creme21 youngtimer rallye with the Scirocco SL, Iltis and Corrado G60 16V.
If you love your car, you may have to push: things often got off to a slow start in the grid, occasionally requiring a little elbow grease.
Career in dynamism: the 37-year-old Scirocco SL cut a fine figure at the driving dynamics facility. Its forever youthful radiance and flawless condition turned lots of heads and prompted plenty of thumbs-ups.
As a backdrop, the World Heritage Site offered an outstanding atmosphere for classic cars such as the Golf Country.
Volkswagen’s Race Iltis also flaunted its dynamism on the winding roads of the Eifel mountain range.
The rally put the driving skills of the 221 teams to the test, demanding unwavering endurance. After all, according to the roadbook, the seven stages covered nearly 900 kilometres.
Andrée Witt decked out with his Type 3 1600 L. Of course, the Essen resident chose an outfit that matches the paint.
Very few rallies boast a starting grid as colourful as that of Creme. This Beetle Cabriolet is sporting the original Creme 21 colour.
Colourful and stylish: Sharon Franken and Dennis Dremmen of Maastricht are creme21 repeat offenders. This year they had lovingly transformed their Mars red 1983 Golf GTI into a non-alcoholic ‘wine booze-up’.]]
Participants were sent on their way at one-minute intervals. While navigation devices were off limits, co-drivers were given a roadbook.
Entertaining games – like the arrangement of vehicle parts here – are an integral part of the creme21 programme.
Creme analogy: guessing musical artists of the 70s and 80s as a special stage.
Even everyday heroes like this Golf II have become popular creme21 guests.
The first-generation Golf GTI was the vehicle of choice for several creme21 participants for the nearly 900-kilometre route.
Uwe and Sabine Kreuter participated with a rare Polo Coupé GT G40 from 1988. Grinning from ear to ear, they refer to themselves as ‘completely Creme-infected’.
The next generation of Creme participants: Torsten Pape and Bianca Schönheit competed in creme21 for the first time with their yellow 1970 Beetle Cabriolet. They both thought the collective car happening was ‘super!’
Friends of Creme: Michael Winkler of the Volkswagen Classic team handed over the award won the day before to Peter and Barbara Eberhard of Rüsselsheim. The two took 138th place overall, which just happened to be the Scirocco’s number.
The Volkswagen Classic team had lots of fun in orange. The 18th creme21 youngtimer rallye has already been added to the calendar, of course: 18 to 22 September 2019.

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