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We fully understand the disgust and anger in response to the video.
It is quite clear that this video is wrong and distasteful. We firmly distance ourselves from the video and apologize sincerely. We will investigate how this could have happened – and will draw the necessary consequences. Given our own history, Volkswagen has positioned itself as a company that does not tolerate any form of racism, xenophobia or discrimination. Numerous initiatives within the company and among our workforce worldwide promote diversity, integration and unbiased cooperation. It is therefore all the more frustrating that we have made such a mistake.


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As Member of Volkswagen AG‘s Board of Management I feel concerned by the racist video published on Instagram as much as the public and our own staff. The numerous comments and reactions – not only from the public but also on our intranet – show that a transparent and comprehensive elucidation is crucial. The investigation is in full speed and progresses well.

In the course of this investigation, the Corporate Audit department is evaluating hundreds of documents, GB of data and is conducting many interviews. We expect first conclusions to be available at the end of next week.

Please be assured that we will draw the necessary consequences. This is not only about the attribution of responsibilities but first and foremost about establishing even more robust processes in the future.

Among the lessons learned, there is further work to be done to sensitise our employees who contribute to shaping the image of Volkswagen and our products through their everyday work. Thank you, Annika von Redwitz, for helping clarify that.

Volkswagen stands for humanity and diversity and leaves no room for racism and xenophobia.

Hiltrud Werner on LinkedIn