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It is a huge project: by developing the Industrial Cloud, the Volkswagen Group is amalgamating production data from more than 120 factories on a powerful digital platform. The objective: greater efficiency and lower costs. Long-term, the plan is to make suppliers part of the cloud as well, which would increase the benefits of the data exchange. This dossier explains how the development works and what benefits the cloud already yields.

Story: Fully integrated: Volkswagen builds Industrial Cloud for all plants
In Hannover, an app amalgamates the Industrial Cloud data transparently. Jörg Heptner’s aim: a warning system preventing halts in production.

Partnership with AWS and Siemens

Industrial Cloud to become an app store

Oliver Blume: “We will continue to strengthen production as a competitive factor for the Volkswagen Group.”

Examples of where the Industrial Cloud helps:

At the Emden plant, the Industrial Cloud enables improved quality control during welding. “An algorithm checks that the values meet the standards,” explained project manager Mathias Boomgaarden.
Jörg Heptner is responsible for implementing the shared data platform at VWN in Hannover. A solution from production of the T6.1 is set to be transferred to more of the Group’s sites this year.
At Porsche in Leipzig an app helps check labels quickly and accurately.
Nihar Patel, Executive Vice President New Business Development. His long-term goal: an open marketplace for industrial applications.